Thursday, 28 March 2013

Markmaking and Memory Workshop Wednesday 27th March

Participants - Oliver, Ken, Jackson, Juliette, Katie, Mags, Nele, Fiona

Warm ups are always useful and we did a few exercises of making expressive marks with the drawing materials to hand, moving on to the next space after a minute and adding to the work of the previous artist.  This helped to free us up, and to experience using an unfamiliar set of tools.

Beginning of the exercise, followed by the results


Anything goes, with marks, hole reinforcers, cutouts, sticky labels, thick, thin, you name it...

Next, we made a selection of marks to which the next person had to respond. This time we  took with us a favoured drawing tool.  Ken chose to use a knife!

Some people chose to use a different format from a plain sheet like this book shape of Oliver's.

These results seem a lot more compositional and sensitive.


We took the popular children's memory game as the starting point for these memory exercises and set up a 'tray' of objects under a cloth.  The cloth was removed for 4 minutes and everyone was to try to remember as much as they could about them.  After time was up, they were to be recorded visually on paper.

Next, we had one person look at an object and memorise what it was like, and they had to describe it to the others so that they could draw it.  Jackson was definitely the best at this!

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